Founded in 2018, foodspace has the goal of revolutionizing the food sector with technology that will power transparency and efficiency. Our proprietary technology powered by cutting-edge AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision ensures PIM (Product Information Management) quality in seconds, with 100% accuracy for leading CPG brands and retailers.

We are seeking our first Nutrition & Innovation Research Associate to join our team and drive the company’s product attribute innovation. Reporting to the Chief Nutrition Officer, the Nutrition & Innovation Research Associate will work to define and develop robust product attributes for CPG products in the grocery space. You’ll be responsible for research, data entry and review, and forecasting of future diet trends enabling foodspace to accelerate our competitive edge in the CPG product data space.

This position is ideal for an RDN with an interest in entrepreneurship and technology or a recent MS graduate with a concentration in nutrition and data science. The ideal candidate for this job will have foundational nutrition knowledge, strong research and data skills, and an innovative mind to form and test new product ideas with the end goal of furthering our attribute portfolio.


Data Entry

  • Manage and update proprietary nutrition database
  • Monitor database, work with developers to create simple queries & reports
  • Work with developers to create user interface for database management

Attribute organization

  • Assist in organizing and developing product attributes
  • Perform manual audits of product attributes identified via machine learning and artificial intelligence

Developing new attributes

  • Develop monthly monitoring of publications to discover new trends, research developments, and policy updates that could affect consumer behavior or compliance needs for brands and retailers
  • Utilize sales and marketing data to test new attributes
  • Explore other CPG characteristics for possible attribute expansions


  • 2+ years of experience tech startup or CPG industry preferred
  • RDN credential or MS in nutrition science or policy

Technical Skills

  • Deep nutrition knowledge equivalent with Registered Dietitian credential or master’s in nutrition science
    • Nutrient metabolism
    • Food labeling
    • Therapeutic lifestyle diets (required) Medical Nutrition therapy (preferred)
  • Ability to search and review scientific literature and prepare informal summaries as well as systematic literature reviews
  • Basic statistical methods

Interpersonal/Soft skills

  • Ability to produce quality work in an independent remote work environment
  • Ability to work on and communicate with cross-functional and hybrid teams
  • Ability to quickly learn new skills and complete diverse tasks as assigned

What We Offer:

A fun, collaborative and driven team environment. We offer benefits including medical insurance, 401(k), Match, flexible remote work options, and opportunities for career development.

Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion:

Foodspace is an equal opportunity employer that commits to diversity and inclusion and also celebrates it. We do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, gender, gender expression, sexual orientation, age, veteran status, disability status, or marital status.

With your application please submit:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • Writing sample: Either a scientific paper that you were a co-author on OR an original literature review of scientific articles with your own summary and conclusion